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Qwitter Tool

Qwitter is a Twitter tool that e-mails you whenever someone un-follows you on Twitter.  The e-mail will tell you what your last tweet post was when the follower last followed you.

The Pros of Qwitter

Before I get into the reasons why you should not use Qwitter, let me just point at the developers over at Qwitter (Contrast I.E) are brilliantly smart and have developed other web apps like ReallyTinyUrl & Exceptional.

Below are some reason why you may want to use Qwitter…

  • Qwitter is for you… if are manically obsessed with your social status and have a fear of not being popular.
  • Qwitter is for you… if you are anal about measuring results even if they are useless statistics.
  • Qwitter is for you…if you have been called Vane, Conceited, Big Ego and Narcissistic.
  • Qwitter is for you…if you live for Drama & Negativity.
  • Qwitter is for you…if you want to be dangerously self conscious on what to write about, thus preventing you from being you.

As you can see Qwitter is not for everyone….


The Cons of Qwitter

  • Qwitter is not a good measuring tool.  There are many other reasons why a person may unfollow you and to always 100% assume that they stopped following after a certain tweet is a little far-fetched.


  • Qwitter is not to be used as a guideline to become a better Twitter user.  You may use Qwitter to measure on what not to do in the Twitter world but I have a better solution.  Read the The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook by Tamar Weinberg.


  • Are you worried about your popularity and want to gain more Twitter followers? Well take the advice from Lisa Hoffmann with her article Want more twitter followers? Fuhgetaboutit.  The art is to not focus on the past but to focus on the future.  Don’t worry so much on the formula on gaining new followers, success will come in time if you keep doing what your doing, which should be interacting.


  • Negativity is a poison that spreads.  Stop surrounding yourself in negative news and focus on the positive things like being more active in replies, link recommendations and having great conversations.  Allowing yourself to be always remind of negative news will put you in a negative mood and rename your Twitter handle Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer.


The last testament to the reason on why not to utilize the Twitter tool Qwitter is from a famous poem  quote by the late Thomas Gray


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