Twitter not popular with Generation Y & Millennials

According to Nielsen Netview report, Twitter users are most popular among working adults rather than the Generation Y (1978 -1995) & the Millennials (1982 – 2001)

These are interesting Stats below showing that the largest age group is 35-49yr olds which make up over 40% of Twitter users.



“Breakfast Club” Syndrome

You either fall into the “Fad” crowd or “Rebel” crowd.  Most young adults would rather be unique and non-conformed as growing up they tend to be rebellious against parents and rules a.k.a the breakfast club syndrome.

Twitter has lately became more Mainstream than ever with the help of popular media shows like The Today Show and even the Presidential Specials, chances are if you have turned on your T.V lately or browsed internet articles you have ran across the term “Twitter”.  Seems like everyone is jumping on this bandwagon….except for the young adults.

In the beginning, Twitter was only known to the elite Tech geeks (Age group 16-35)  Twitter was underground and Indy.  Like most popular underground things, the inevitable is that one day they will become popular.  By becoming popular, most young adults tend to stray away from this service mainly because the utter idea of having Mom, Dad or even Grandparents get into this just makes Twitter…”Uncool”.

However, Most middle age adults are hopping on the Tech bandwagon impressively fast.  The ever popular Facebook network was just mainly for college students and now Facebook has become so popular with Adults that almost every parent out there has a profile.

I think for the most part, the young bucks out there (I am a Generation Y’r fyi) doesn’t see the “Business” and “mini-blog” core values in Twitter.  If they wanted to inform status updates, young bucks were accustomed to Myspace and Facebook platforms.  Twitter has taken on a role of a live RSS Feed Link Sharing and Business Networking which are great benefits for most Middle Age adults that may not attract Young Adults over.

Who knows, maybe the young adults will take over soon on Twitter but at this rate with the media and business aspects of Twitter, I wouldn’t count on it.  Very interesting stats indeed though.  What do you think?

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