Twitter and Facebook Turf Wars 

For about 3 weeks Facebook and Twitter danced around ideas of a possible merge or buyout.  All those were soon reported dead and finished by All Things Digital in their article.

Facebook was offering 500 million dollars only in shares which Twitter thought was inflated and a misrepresentation of Twitter’s full potential.

So why the Hype?

Well according to All Things Digital “some sources at Facebook said Zuckerberg was becoming frustrated by the buzz Twitter was getting–a market that should have been dominated by Facebook”

When a company shows Buzz and Interest from consumers of course the major companies are going to show interest.  Nobody really likes someone stepping into their turf especially when the challenger is such an enigma to the online world that is picking up popularity fast.

Twitter is Revenue Less

Twitter relies mainly on Investors and start up funders and has no ads on the service yet.  Although Twitter does speak of future revenue techniques nothing is confirmed so far.

So what happens if the Twitter is offered to Facebook?  According to Facebook executives, Facebook might have to deal with huge text/sms fees–up to $75 million annually.

Facebook Alternative

Already the open Facebooks Applications out there has already developed a Twitter application here.

This application feeds off your Twitter updates and updates your Facebook status on every Tweet.  This application is not the official implementation of Twitter but is a good alternative so far to feed your hybrid combination urge so far.

When you think about it Facebook’s main goal is to really take over Twitter’s turf and audience and therefore clinching a victory over Myspace.  Myspace is a tough opponent to beat with already an established user base and the famous Myspace Music audience, it only makes sense that Facebook go after Twitter’s user base.

Twitter wants to wait

The main reason why Twitter didn’t sell is because quite simply they just want to wait and they don’t know if they want to sell now or even ever, there are too many challenges ahead.

Will we see this battle rise once again where Facebook feels threatened? Or will we see another competitor like Myspace jump on the Twitter bandwagon?  It will be very interesting to see.


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