Trending Topics

In the Twitter world there is a recently new feature on the side of the Twitter interface which shows what are the Top Trending topics currently on Twitter.

The trending topics can range from current T.V shows on right now, breaking news stories, viral posts and #Hashtags.

When you click on the Trend on the right hand side of your screen.  Twitter Search will bring up all the live results for that Keyword or #Hashtag.  Many people do click on the Trending Topics often just to eavesdrop on whats going on with the latest gossip and events.


Having a Trending Topic for your blog or brand is very lucrative to your business.  It provides high exposure and viral content.

With this exposure can also come with the exploiters and spammers.  If you think about it, many people are tracking and listening to the Trending Topics and clicking on the links.

A spammer or exploiter will “Mask” a Trending Topic Tweet and insert a non-relevant url that will either go to the spammer’s website or some other website that is deceiving.  Thus Hijacking the Trending Topic.

Below is an example of the “Twitter Hijacker” are you one?

#Fullservice Hashtag Hijack

One of the Trending Topics of the day is #Fullservice which represents the New Kids On The Block music tour called Fullservice.


Now clicking ont he Trending Topic will show some of the exploiters taking advantage of the exposure

Promoting your website that has nothing to do with the trending topic


Promoting a personal youtube video that has nothing to do with the trending topic


The infamous porno spammers


The same spammer is back with her old tricks


Another Spammer using the trending topic to promote a non-relevant website


Another porn spammer


As you can see people will take advantage of the Trending Topics to hijack to their own website promotion.

Just like in my last post I wrote about being a Twitter Re-Tweet Thief……. Don’t be a Twitter Hijacker

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