So the iPad is officially out and with over 300,000 sold in the first day I believe the the buzz around this supposed amazing gadget is here to stay. I am sure you are sick and tired of reading about The iPad, but I wanted to give a couple of great resources and articles if you are interested in buying or just want an iPad Review!

I personally don’t have one and would never buy the 1st generation iPad just for the fact that I belive that the market always makes the next generation better by giving reviews and telling Apple what does and doesn’t work. So personally I am waiting for the 2nd or 3rd generation iPad!

From a lot of the reviews I find that the biggest problem is the durability of the iPad since it the surface space is much bigger than the iPhone. Some things people love happen to be the battery life which was one of my biggest concerns.

Check out this recent Business Insider article called “10 Things We Love and Hate About the iPad

Here are some of the items they talked about in the above article:

  • The iPad really is a gorgeous device and using it is a true pleasure.
  • The amount of media already available for the iPad is impressive.
  • But the iBookstore is still a ghost town compared to Amazon’s Kindle store.
  • The missing Facebook app left us frustrated.
  • It’s going to be a great companion for watching TV.
  • But, yes, typing is a pain in the butt. And the screen is full of fingerprints.

PCWorlds iPad stress test really put a damper in my desire to buy the iPad. Watch there Apple iPad Stress Test

I have been following my friend Paul Colligan’s to find out what he thinks about the new iPad. He will be doing 30 days of blogging and reviewing the iPad!

Here are some other great articles on the iPad Review:

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