8020 Promotional MarketingThe 80/20% Statistic is used in Social Media to be used as a guideline when promoting your self or your business.

Many users and sites have developed similar guidelines like 1 out of 4 promotion or every other promotion.  The bottom line is that most guidelines and roles to follow can be based on the 80/20% rule in Social Media.

80% Portion

80% of your sociable content should not be based on your shameless self promotion.  This content should be used to engage other people’s work you have liked or content that has nothing to do with your promotion but rather gray area and safer subjects.

An example of a gray area content would be talking about a subject that is in your niche of field but you haven’t specifically said your own brand.   This is like going to a Mustang convention and talking about cars with people without having to notify people you are a Car Salesman.

20% Portion

This portion is where you can start promoting your content or talk about your brand.  Keep in mind, nobody likes a door-to-door sales man who constantly throws up shameless marketing that is unwanted.

Keep it simple and use common sense.  How would you like to see content in Social Media that does nothing but shamelessly promote their business and provides no substance in interaction and contributions?

Throw in your stuff sporadically and enjoy Social Media without making this a difficult task at hand.  Don’t focus on over analyzing your contributions, just keep it minimal and you will do fine.




Below are ways to incorporate the 80/20 rules in your Social Media sites

Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking sites like Digg have a built in community of users that engage in Social Networking on a daily basis.  These sites are not just for sharing content but also social networking.  Do not just shamelessly Digg your own content and prove no real value of other websites you find useful.  

This will blackmark you in the community and you are doing nothing but hurting yourself.  If you allow yourself to help contribute more often and become a better community member chances are you will gain more friends and better results in getting more votes.  This is a win/win situation, don’t forget to help promote your friends or your own favorite articles that is not your own.


Twitter – Twitter is crucial for real time results because users can see your Twitter persona fairly quickly and if they notice you are doing nothing but promoting your blog or not providing any value in your tweets, you will notice a decrease in followers and will gain a reputation online as a spammer.  You will see HUGE results if you apply the 80/20 rule here or 1 out of 5 tweets here. 


Social Networks – Networks like Myspace and Facebook may not be built on heavy contributions like Social Bookmarking, Twitter and Blogs but the same rules apply here if you are constantly promoting your content via wall posts or shared link content.  This is by far the most powerful way to get your promotion out there if done correctly.  

Forget about trying to sell your image and just focus on building a relationship with your new online friends.  Chances are you will get results without having to promote or ask for it by the sheer fact of online trust and reputation gained.


Blogs - Granted your blogs are whatever you want it to be and can be just a sole money making machine site that all it does is self promotions but keep in mind the most successful Bloggers out there gain much success when they don’t focus on selling and just writing valuable c0ntent.  

Once the content is established Professional Bloggers find ways of implementing their business and sales in posts sporadically and never continuously.  The 80/20 rule is being used by professional Bloggers for a long time now and you may not of realized it but the best advertising are not the ones that are most obvious.

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