Social Media is a general definition that can take on may shapes and forms in the online world. The term is mainly to describe the Social Aspect or the art of communication aspect in media. So in essence its a two part term that combines into one meaning overall.

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An Introduction to Social Media: What is it?

The meaning of the term ’social media’ can be derived if we examine both of the words which constitute it. Media generally refers to advertising and the communication of ideas or information through publications/channels. Social implies the interaction of individuals within a group or community.

Taken together, social media simply refers to communication/publication platforms which are generated and sustained by the interpersonal interaction of individuals through the specific medium or tool.


Social Media Definition from Wikipedia - 

Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.  The term most often refers to activities that integrate technology, telecommunications and social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. This interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, depends on the varied perspectives and “building” of shared meaning among communities, as people share their stories and experiences [wikipedia]


Social Media primarily is different than industrial reason with price as Social Media is usually cheaper or many cases free.

Most Social Media comes online in the forms of below from Wikipedia


  • Blogs: Blogger (service), Livejournal, TypePad, Wordpress, Vox,
  • Microblogs / Presence apps: Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku
  • Social networking: Avatars United, Bebo, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut, Skyrock
  • Social network aggregation: FriendFeed, Youmeo
  • Events:, Eventful,



  • Wikis: Wikipedia, PBwiki, wetpaint
  • Social bookmarking: Delicious, StumbleUpon
  • Social News Sites: Digg, Mixx, Reddit
  • Opinion sites: epinions, Yelp



  • Photo sharing: Flickr, Zooomr, Photobucket, SmugMug
  • Video sharing: YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Revver
  • Livecasting: Ustream,, Stickam
  • Audio and Music Sharing: imeem, The Hype Machine,, ccMixter



  • Virtual worlds: Second Life, The Sims Online
  • Online gaming: World of Warcraft, Everquest, Age of Conan
  • Game sharing: