Social Media Vision Round Up December

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This will be my first post in series of interest articles and blogs I have read for the week and will play it by ear here on out.

Social Media News

Social Media Presence of the Top US NewspapersOne of my favorite up and coming bloggers Glen from PluginID has shown some great stats with this post on newspapers on social media.

Social Media Predictions 2009 – A collaboration of great minds with Peter Kim

What’s in a Retweet? Data Behind Viral Messaging on Twitter – The main idea behind a Retweet, pretty good stuff

I want to work for Mashable – Michael Wong a beloved community user and ex power digg user went viral with this blog post that got heard around the twitter world and sparked some a lot of diggs!

Social Media in Plain English – Layman terms of Social Media.  Great read.

Wayne Sutton – Interview (Social Media Rockstar) – Interview with Wayne Sutton a rising Social Media Professional to keep an eye out for.

Understanding Izea’s Sponsored Blogging Service by Jeremiah Owyang – The whole fiasco behind the blogging sponsorship with the Social Media Superstars, a very good read to catch up on.

2008 in Review: Mashable’s 20 Most Popular Stories  by Mashable – A great round up of popular stories on Mashable.


Cool Posts

17,000 Push-Pin Super Mario 3 Mosiac   – A very cool art design with over 17k push pins on our favorite Nintendo star

Photoshop Age-Maps - A freaky photoshop concept art

The art of stone balancing  - A very cool display of stones balancing on each other, way cool


All-Star Post


The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook – Tamar’s Mac Daddy of a guide book on what to do and what not to do on Social Media Etiquette, SMV’s All-Star Post of the week!

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