Social Media Scene Kids

This is a Fun Post I am merely writing about due to the fact of “Web Stereotypes” out there, it came about when I overheard people discussing about how they dislike “Group A” so much and how they can’t stand “Group B” in a local Starbucks.  So In my head, I was thinking wow those adults are Scene Kids, I chuckled a little bit and thought I would write a fun post about it.

What is a Scene Kid exactly?  While there any many variations and definitions of the “Scene Kid”, to sum it all up is simply a term used for Teens who follow the “scenes” or “trends” thus making them seem cool by association.

Whether its a current music scene, clothing trend or attitude style, the point is forming a common clique of unique individual friends trying to seem like they “Don’t Conform to the Norm” and they do things “Uniquely”, thus making them appear an outcast snob.

Social Media profiles are mainly dominant with the Adult Generation so the term “Kid” may not apply here but applying the same perception of “Scene Kids” can be found in alot of Social Networks out there from what I see.

Cliques & Labels

Regardless in any community, there will be cliques and in Social Networks, cliques are surprisingly abundant.  If you notice on Twitter for instance, you can pretty much tell who your Followers are in a category of Tweets.  Some could just Tweet about Art & Design, others are your Video Gamers and Coders, while maybe some are just your Typical Bloggers.

There are even Twitter Directories like that strongly suggests all Twitter users to label or categorize themselves on there.  So in essence Labels, Cliques and certain stereo types are not new to the online world.

However, the Social Media Scene Cliques out there are becoming more and more popular.  It’s funny you can go to a local Tweetup and point out all the “Mommy Bloggers”, “SEO Heads” and the “Internet Marketers” all in one fell swoop.  Lately there has been some beef with the Mommy Bloggers and the so called “True Bloggers” calling out the Mommy Bloggers as sell outs.  Also lets not forget about the so called “True Bloggers” getting called out as sellouts too with the whole K-mart contest.

Regardless of where you stand on certain cliques and groups, there out there and many are sticking to their groups and niche streams where users on Twitter may not follow-back or even try to find new people to follow if they are not in a certain niche.  Now you may call these Twitter users snobs but I call these users Social Media Scene Kids because no matter how cool they think they are by sticking with certain cliques they are actually limiting their Twitter community and sphere.


Social Media


Celebs – These guys are the exception to the rule because they mainly are known to be snobby because of their fame and craft.  However keep in mind Celebs can become Scenesters too when they just join to be cool like Ashton or if they just joined because everyone else is doing it but hasn’t updated their account in months.  (They mainly follow other Celebs, News and close friends)


SEO – The famous SEO Heads.  These Twitter users talk nothing but shop on SEO and how cool they are when they find new SEO white and black techniques.  They will occasionally talk about blog headlines and Art designs but rarely go off topic on their craft.  (They mainly follow Tech, Business & Internet Marketers/Social Media)


Bloggers  - The main core of the Web 2.0 & Social Media world is of course the main stream bloggers.  Regardless if you are a mommy blogger, pro blogger or even a news blogger, you make up the most % of Twitter users.  The followers & friends can vary largely but some bloggers still stick with other blogger networks.  The Blogger Scene Kids out there hate being sold to by Internet Marketers & SEO guys.  The love finding fresh, new Articles so they can read and Retweet to friends.  (They tend to follow the Social Media Rockstars, Internet Marketers, Bloggers, News/Aggregators, Tech, PR)


PR -The PR scene kids are popping up more and more lately.  The PR online users are in Journalism, Marketing and of course Public Relations.  A vast majority out there are recent graduates or currently in school learning about the PR business through Social Networks like Twitter and LinkedIN.  Now many users may have witnessed that the PR users rarely follow any other crowds besides their own niche.  These guys are hard working individuals but can clearly miss the big picture of Public Relations and that is to be involved everywhere in the community. (They tend to follow other PR professionals, Journalists & Celebs)


Twitter – The Twitter fans are hardcore fans.  They constantly debate against Facebook & Myspace.  They often say things like “In before Oprah“, are avid Tweetup members and love to boast about the latest and great Twitter Apps out there.  Its kind of hard to establish whos a Twitter Scene Kid because Twitter is becoming so mainstream but the true Twitter heads will definately let you know they are one. (They tend to follow Tech, Social Media, Bloggers)


Designers – I personally love these guys because they tend to be open in who they follow and follow back but just like the SEO guys, they love talking about their own craft.  The graphic artists rarely follow other mainstream bloggers and could care less in retweeting a blog article on Social Media however they love cool and interesting articles like Design, Themes, Music and Tech.  (They tend to follow Designers & Tech)


Marketers – The Marketers are rarely Scene Kids due to the simple fact they will follow everyone and friend everyone that will at least listen or view thier business.  These guys are your main hustlers on the net ranging from E-books, MLM MArketing, Get Rich Quick and any other online business that you can think of.  Sad to say the true “Marketing” professionals have been shifted to either PR or Social Media.  (They tend to follow everyone)


Social Media – The Social Media scene kids are arguably the most common trend out there.  Social Media is the new hype in the online world out there as many variations and classifications can be implemented in this class.  There has been an increasing number of so called Social Media experts and gurus out there which makes the Social Media scene kids #1 in becoming scenesters.  Reason being behind this is due to the simple fact they want to be surrounded only by other Social Media like minded individuals, read information solely on Social Media and the ability to re-tweet other Social Media users on Twitter. (They tend to follow Social Media Rockstars, Bloggers, PR, News)


Tech – The classic Geeks & Nerds of the online world.  The Tech geeks really love Tech stories with occasional stories of Social Media, Art & SEO.  Anything cutting edge or computer related will grab these guys attention and with that you do have Scene Kids where they believe they are superior to the rest of the online world.  These are your classic Tech nerds where they will put you down for not knowing about a certain subject.  Within this group there are min sub groups that are in conflict as well.  For instance the Digg heads vs the other Social Bookmarks and event he most famous MAC fans vs PC fans.  Expect this group to be the most in conflict with other users (They tend to follow Tech, Seo, Social Media & Design)

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