Social Media is everywhere even in movies like “Twilight”

We all know that Social Media has become popular but has it reached mainstream yet?  Has it reached the pop culture status of where it becomes the Norm?

More and more references of Social Media have been popping up in the mainstream world lately, most recently in the movie Twilight.

Below are examples of the Google, Amazon and Texting.

In the movie the main character Bella becomes intrigued of her strange classmate Edward who shows sign of unnatural characteristics.  Bella has heard references to Edwards family through the tales of the Native Indian’s Legends.  Bella then uses the power of “Google“  to find information regarding about the history behind the legends and references.

The image of Bella “Googling” was referenced quite a few times.  They even showed the Powers of “Amazon Books” where Books were suggested for her Google Search and even pinpointed her to the nearest bookstore which had copies of these.

Finally a more humorous plot in the movie was when Bella’s Mother was on the phone with her and told Bella she was going to text her Step-father some news, Bella was taken back by the fact her mom was texting and her Mother exclaimed that she finally took Bella’s Advice.

The Digital Age of Online Tools has become more and more a world wide culture.  Keep in mind giants like Google has only been around since 1998, 10 years ago.  Although the online world is still fairly new, the culture of the Digital Age is becoming more and more mainstream fast and faster than ever.

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