You can now see what’s being said inside your city.

Twitter has over 55 million status updates per day. That is a ton of data that is being published online what’s happening right now. With more and more users using mobile devices to post status updates, and with more users opting in to include their location with their Tweets – more and more of the 55 million updates are being tagged with a location. This is going to spawn interesting tools for internet users.

One of these tools was recently launched in the form of Sency for Cities ( This tool, allows anyone to see what’s being said right now by people inside of Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, London, New York City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, & Washington DC. So, when there is a topic that you want to get the publics thoughts on – you can now do that by performing a search at one of these city centric engines. Sency for Cities also shows you what’s hot right now in each city via 10 current trends listed under the search box. Lastly, this initiative will show you where people are at right now based on recent status updates in a city that provide an actual location.

All of this data can you help you learn more about what is going on right now inside of a city. It is also interesting to compare the current sentiment in your city with what the mood is in a rival city. Or, when a new movie comes out – you may be curious what all people are saying about it – but Sency for Cities can also show you what people in your city – are saying about it right now.

As time goes on – this data will get even more rich. You will eventually be able to see what’s being said at actual locations as opposed to just inside a specific city. And as the data becomes more targeted and helpful – more uses will come out of real time location search. But the great thing about it is that it’s different for everyone, so a way you utilize and learn from it may be extremely different from how the next person uses it.

The plan is for more cities to be added to Sency for Cities – so down the line – more people can see what’s going on inside of their respective city.

Post written by Evan Britton, founder of Sency

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