Social Gaming

On Facebooks Official Blog today, Shervin Pishevar is the Co-founder and CEO of the Social Gaming Network (SGN), which builds social games on both Facebook and iPhone wrote a guest post.


Social Gaming has been increasingly popular over the years especially with the launch of the Nintendo Wii.  Shervin pointed out the he thinks gaming is inherently social.  SGN’s latest application is the first application that connects your friends, the Web, Facebook and the iPhone.


The Iphone acts like Nintendo’s Wii Controllers for web-based gaming on Facebook, letting you play games with far away friends.  Just like Xbox live and PS Online you can social game play with friends all over the world and don’t have to wait on a real life friend to come over and play.



Social Gaming Network’s has four sports games to start off with.  Golf, Baseball, Basketball and Bowling pitting you against other iPhone users over the net.


It’s pretty simple to get started. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network, register for an account, download the app and start playing.



Apple has already been taking over some market share from PSP and Nintendo DS portables with portable gaming now on the Ipod Touch, looks like Apple has it’s eye on gaming this season and the competition should be careful.  


View the Demo Below

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