Facebook Adults Vs Myspace Teens

So recently Facebook has surpassed Myspace in unique visitor count with a total of 150 million visitors.  It wasn’t too long ago where Myspace was king and Facebook was just a rookie.

There are many reasons and theories how Facebook over took the throne of Myspace.  The one thing I think helped contribute a lot to Facebook’s success is the shear fact that Myspace was infested with teens and young adults.  Adults and Parents were a little hesitant in joining Myspace but it looked “kiddish” and just didn’t feel right when the main audience is 12-27 years old.

Facebook on the other hand is very clean and started becoming a breeding ground for business minded adults.  Soon networking and marketing became mainstream on Facebook and encouraged other adults and parents to follow suite.  Now keep in mind, Facebook was originally only for college students who are not quite old but are not quite kids.  

This also helped ease the association of a Social Network like Facebook rather than associating with Myspace where it might make you sound creepy for being on that site if your older than 30 years old.


Social Network Comparisons

Categorizing all Facebook users as “Adults” and all Myspace users as “Kids” is of course not true, but majority of the sites are.

However, keep in mind that Facebook has just achieved a new milestone and a lot of users from Myspace are coming over to Facebook because of the hype regardless of being young or old.

Regardless, I still find many stero-types out there in the world and recently I cam across a young girl who was quoted saying “Facebook is the Myspace for old folks and parents” in which I tweeted on Twitter and got some very funny reactions.


Facebook Adults Myspace Teens


The Reactions


Facebook is the Myspace for Adults




Facebook Adults vs Myspace Teens

Below are some funny quotes caught on Twitter on the views of Myspace and Facebook.  I think its funny when the parents talk about how their kids are on Myspace and how happy they are on Facebook, or vice versa.


Facebook Adults Myspace Teens







Myspace looks like the inside of a 14yr old’s bedroom




The Trend

It will be interesting to see if Facebook can keep up with their new members and to see if Myspace can win back the crown this year.  I do think Generation Gaps do play a major role with the two Social Networks and Facebook has a major lead with adults conforming over, while Myspace has a strong hold on the Tweens.



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