Bloggers, Twitters & Social Media Marketers Unite

The powers of Social Media can be very frightening.  We all know how news can travel fast but with the help of Social Media news can not only travel even faster than normal communication methods but can prove to be more devastating.


Example #1

A famous example of this is when friendly Real Estate Blogger Vlad Zablotskyy got sued from Eperks(Real Estate Ad Co.) Vlad was hired to write a review of Eperks from Sponsored Reviews.  Vlad wrote about the review here which just consisted of his opinion and an honest review but Eperks was livid and was determined to cause agony to Vlad.

Fortunately in the Social Media-Sphere, word got out pretty quick that Vlad was being hassled, threatned and eventually sued from Eperks.  The Social Media World united with Bloggers uniting to help support Vlad, Tweets going out lending a hand and helping spread awareness.  

The power of this online wave was powerful and was a force to be reckoned with. Take a look at these support sites.  Andy Beards review, Inman news review, and Bloodhound Blog’s support.


Example #2

Another good example of this is the recent news story of the Moms and Motrin Ad backfire story.  Motrin had recently created an ad that outraged many Moms in the real world in how the ad portrayed of carrying babies as “fashion”, being told it looks “crazy” and finally being told “in theory” carrying your baby around is a good idea.

This of course caused an uproar effect that trickled to the consumers across the world particularly Real Life Moms.  The one thing about Social Media is that everybody has the potential to communicate effictively and quickly to get thier point and feedback regarding about this subject.

Bloggers United and demanded boycotts, The Twitter world helped micro-blogged in disgust and called for a micro twitter revolution, and finally Social Networks like Myspace and Facebook were posting updates to the personal sites all across the world to voice their opinions.

We are now in a world where we are not limited to traditional media sources to get the word out and rely on the the power of traditional media sources to relay stories of uproars.  We are in the Social Media Age where information is being transmitted in real time and spread like wild fire.  Be careful who you mess with.

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