Social Media can be time consuming

There’s an old saying that goes “Too much of a good thing can be bad for you”.  This is basically addiction.

Addiction can lead to loss of work, sleep and losing track of time.   If you are an employer, chances are that you do no wish for your employees to be engrossed in avenues other than their job when they are at work.

Let’s face the facts, Social Media can be very time consuming if you are not too careful.  Social Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are breeding zones for social engagement and interaction. It’s quick, easy and fun. This can be very easy to get caught up in.

Many users also put a lot of time and effort in creating  a very power Social Marketing presence in their business plan.

For Self-employed individuals this many not be an issue because you have a much more flexible schedule than the corporate day job users but this can also hamper with your personal life and other high priority activities like family time that is being stripped away from.

Curiosity kills the cat

In the Web 2.0 world users sometimes have a serious condition called the “Vain User”.

The “VAIN USER” likes to constantly have reassurance and monitor themselves at all time. 


  • They check to see if any one has commented on their blog or social networks.


This feeling of the need to monitor themselves can disrupt their work time and being productive.  I understand the curiosity if any one has commented on one of your remarks you made on Twitter or Facebook but do it efficiently.  Just like with any other addiction you have to make sure your habit or hobby doesn’t consume you to a point where you are losing sleep, job production and other high priorities in your life.

Below I have found some great Tools, Apps & Tips to help you use your Social Media Time more wisely.


Tools to help use Social Media effiencently

Twitter Mail [] – Twittermail is a highly popular sight that help reduces the “Visiting Twitters Site” addiction.  Twittermail lets you e-mail your Tweets on any e-mail account and also has the ability to receive e-mail updates on any replies you receive on Twitter.

I actually do use Twittermail quite a bit when I am work because it prevents me from seeing other users on Twitter updates which can lead me into responding to them or just getting grossly involved in viewing Tweets that can make time fly and ultimately hurt your work performance.  The added e-mail update from Twittermail also helps with your Twitter Vain status of constantly needing to know if someone has replied to you yet.  Check it out.


Brightkit / HootSuite [] – Brighkit was the previous name of HootSuite which not to be mistaken of Brightkite.  HootSuite is also another Twitter Favorite who even Guy Kawasaki even uses.  HootSuite is a website most notably known for the multiple account and future Tweet website.

I use Brightkit when I may not have time to Tweet lets say tomorrow and want to still get my Tweets out.  I can schedule future Tweets by picking a Date and Time and also my Tweet message.  This can become very handy when you have a busy schedule and can’t focus on Tweeting.  Finally the Multiple Account feature is great to also manage more than one Twitter account.  For example I have a business and personal account.  


Digsby [] – Digsby is a great Software Application for your computer that helps organize all your Instant Messages, E-mails and Social Networks in one.  Digsby has a great concept but in the beginning they did had some flaws with memory leaks and errors but the new version of Digsby is excellent and I am sure with the future version they will only improve.  If you haven’t checked out my detailed review about this App yet, check it out here.


Ping.Fm & Friend Feed [] – and Friendfeed ultimately helps you update all your Social Networks all at once, thus helping you reduce time in logging in different sites. is a stright forward and bottom line updater for all your Social Networks focused on getting your information out to everywhere.

Friendfeed is just like but also focuses on what your friends are doing and discovering.

I highly suggest checking out both as they are both valuable time savers.


Mobile Text – Texting should be the lifeblood of time savers which is by far the easiest to do and can be less cumbersome if done correctly.  Updating your social networks via Text gives you the flexibility of not being engrossed with other content out there if you text on the fly.  Texting can lead to addiction still if you use Web Enabled phones like the Iphone where even though you are still texting your updates you can see your friend’s Twitter updates too just like you would normally do on a home computer, so be careful.



Tips to help use Social Media effiencently

Twitter Break – Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang has been the biggest advocate of preaching to all about taking a Twitter Break.  Twitter is a great Micro Blog service that helps connect networking, communication and business but just like any other social network platform out there if used too much can be an unhealthy habit of addiction.

Jeremiah in his blog post here shows that sometimes you must put the “Twitter” down and step away from it all and evaluate your priorities from an outside perspective without Twitter involved.  Taking a break does not mean you will stop using Social Media entirely, it just gives you time to re-evaluate your schedule and habit and make minor tweaks if necessary.  This comes highly recommended.


Schedule – Just like with any activity you want to try to incorporate into your life you might want to develop a strict schedule you can base your hobby/habit into.  I know some Twitter users won’t Tweet during work and only Tweet at night from 5-6pm.  Others have been known to only Tweet on the Weekends and others only check their Facebook profiles on Mondays, whatever your preference may be just make sure to stick with your scheduled plan.  The moment you start getting sloppy and taking over your normal schedule is the moment you take the Twitter Break step and re-evaluate.


Priortize – Now to put all the pieces together you have to come up with a game-plan in finding out your highest priorities and working your Social Media time around this, you don’t want to make Social Media your utmost priority when it really isn’t. For instance most users say that “Family comes first” and that’s great you should have time devoted to your family activities and never make Social Media take away from your family time.  Others may be work and that’s fine too never get too involved in Social Media where it prevents you from making your living and paying your bills, if you can’t pay your bills then how can you use Social Media if you can’t get on the net?


In conclusion whether you need to take a Twitter Break, Re-Schedule or Re-Prioritize, do what you got to do in order to have a healthy Social Media habit.  Social Media is great and should not treated like a bad thing but as with anything that consumes you too much or overpowers you, it can be an unhealthy habit.  Use your time wisely and Have fun!!

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